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Claiming and correcting artist Profiles

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There are a lot of music streaming and buying platforms. Claiming our artist profiles on all of them requires some attention and perseverance. The same goes for correcting profile-related tracks.

At most major music platforms, the process of claiming our artist page is clear and straightforward. Therefore, in this article we give only the links to the relevant platforms. Signing up and registering with them is otherwise a peace of cake.

Subsequently claiming and correcting tracks that were not correctly linked to our artist page can sometimes be more cumbersome.

Below is a summary of personal experiences in claiming artist pages for nOzart and having track links corrected.



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Spotify for Artists

Use the following form: https://artists.spotify.com/

Apple Music for Artists


After a few days you receive a message to inform that you now have Admin access to the requested artist profile page on Apple Music for Artists. This means you can:

for claiming tracks that are not on your artist profile.
Copy/paste your artist profile URL, f.e.
Select Artist Catalogue Issue
Enter some extra explanation
"Track is linked to wrong automatic generated artist profile Nozart instead of this my nOzart artist profile."

First step - Claiming your artist page
Thanks for requesting access to nOzart! Due to the high demand for Apple Music for Artists, we may need a little more time to process your request. Don’t worry—we’re already on top of it, and you’ll receive an email from us as soon as your application is reviewed.
Thanks for your patience.

Explore what you can do in Apple Music for Artists to read articles, forums, and guides that will help you learn the basics, manage your account, understand your analytics, and use tools to create and record your music.

Deezer for Creators


Download the Deezer for Creators mobile app to check and follow up on your statistics.

Amazon for Artists


YouTube Music

YouTube Creator Support is there to help and their response times are usually lightning fast.

You can directly send you mail to artist-support@youtube.com.



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To report tracks on a wrong SoundCloud account you can fill out and submit the https://forms.gle/3dQBDV2U6KKKpEw2A which will automatically redirect to a form on Google Docs SoundCloud Profile Issue Form to let SoundCloud know the details of the issue.

Often the account in question is an auto-generated account made by SoundCloud on behalf of the delivering rightsholder, for example Amp Suite Limited. SoundCloud does this when they are sent content from a label or distributor via the supply feed but their system is unable to find the correct account to map the content to.

Formally it takes SoundCloud usually 10-15 days to harmonise the profiles but in my case the already replied and solved the issue within one business day. This means SoundCloud would move the tracks from the auto-generated profile onto your manual ditto and then delete the auto-generated version.

If you would like to request that these tracks be removed from the platform altogether, that’s not something SoundCloud can help with. In this instance, you'll need to get in touch with Amp Suite Limited (via your label if needs be) and get them to send SoundCloud a takedown request for the content.

More info: help.soundcloud.com/hc/en-us/articles/1260805460209-Reporting-tracks-on-the-wrong-profile

E-mail support: support@support.soundcloud.com

Pandora: AMP Playbook




Since Tidal FREE is only available for music fans in the United States I had to register for the 30-day free trial of the Tidal Individual plan to search nOzart's artist page on Tidal.

Only in this way could I then pass in the form the correct link to claim the existing artist page.

Immediately after that, I cancelled the subscription and waited for response from Tidal support.

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Antwerp based DJ and music producer Olivier Arntz is active in the music business since the mid-1980s. As nOzart he is producing music in several genres without pinning himself down in any particular type though his style is often progressive, melodic, techno, deep house and chill tunes.

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