31 August 2023 in Tools

Using Izotope Audiolens for quick referencing

by nOzart 1.31 min reading time

iZotope AudioLens allows us to capture and save reference tracks from any audio source, which can then be loaded into iZotope Ozone or Neutron for analysis and adjustment to improve the quality and professional sound of our own tracks.

With Audiolens we can capture reference tracks from any audio played on our computer, including streaming sites, CDs, and videos, which can then be loaded into iZotope Ozone or Neutron for use.

Referencing can help us make our music sound more professional and polished, allowing it to fit in with other tracks on streaming platforms like Spotify or iTunes.

iZotope AudioLens is a free standalone program for Mac or Windows.

Capturing a reference is as easy as pushing the Capture button and Stop when we did capture at least 8 seconds of representative audio. To finish we save it and give it an easily recognizable name for use hereafter.

We now load Izotope's Ozone plugin on the master bus in our DAW and run the Master Assistant (button at the top center) to measure tonal balance, width dynamics and loudness. Once it's done we can stop the audio.

We then load the desired reference file from Targets to the left and one of the saved references in Audio Lens to compare with and without Ozone, and adjust settings like EQ, dynamics, and width in our own tracks, and also load references into Neutron for individual track adjustments. Adjusting the Maximizer allows us to increase or decrease the intensity of the effect on the track.

While referencing tracks won't magically make our music sound like our favorite artist, it can provide similar tonal balance, dynamics, and width, enhancing the overall quality of your mix.

Whether it's drums, guitar, or vocals, AudioLens can help us capture and replicate the sound of our preferred instrument by loading references into iZotope Neutron and applying the same dynamics and characteristics.



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